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December 26, 201911:22 AM
Which Methods of Transportation are the Most Dangerous? Traffic accidents are common, and they are often extremely dangerous. While accidents involving commercial modes of transportation like planes, trains, and buses are often the most dramatic, our personal vehicles – the cars, SUVs, and motorcycles that we drive – ...
December 2, 201910:02 AM
Plan Your Holidays with Your Custody Schedule in Mind The custody schedule (also known as a visitation schedule) that you settled on in your divorce (or that the court created for you) may not have taken your holiday plans into account. In fact, a visitation schedule that works quite ...
November 27, 201911:56 AM
Apps for Sharing Custody after a Divorce Of all the difficulties that plague divorce, child custody arrangements are among the most stressful. Raising your children post-divorce involves maximizing your time together in a way that makes sense for everyone involved, which often translates to a lot of ...
November 8, 201908:37 AM
Should You Go to the ER after a Car Accident? Car accidents can be as unique as the people involved. Some crashes are obviously severe, and it is clear that certain victims need emergency transportation to the hospital. In other situations, an ambulance might not be necessary, but victims might ...
October 31, 201912:18 PM
Shuttle Bus Crash in Huntsville Several people suffered injuries in a recent chain-reaction crash in Huntsville involving a pickup truck, a dump truck, and a Huntsville city shuttle bus. Reports indicate that it was raining when the pickup driver tried to turn left without an ...
October 22, 201901:43 PM
Risks for Bicyclists in Huntsville Huntsville is a great city for getting around on your bike, but the fact is that, when you’re cycling, you are far more vulnerable to being injured – or worse – in a traffic accident. When you’re on your bike, ...

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525 Madison Street SE, Suite 210
Huntsville, AL 35801

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